Medihoney Used to Prevent Amputation of Patient's Leg

Another example of Manuka honey saving lifes
A patient with a non-healing wound with an extremely rare fungal infection who appeared to be heading towards a lower extremity amputation (LEA) was saved by the interference of Medihoney products.

Medihoney wound care products are produced by global leader in medical honey products Comvita.

Mary Brennan, clinical nurse specialist for wounds said : "Medihoney helped to turn this wound around for him and allowed us back on track for healing. We had used other therapies, but this was the product that made the difference in a very short time."

Medihoney wound dressings and other products contain active Manuka honey from New Zealand and Australia. Manuka honey has shown to possess unique qualities, ideal for acute and chronic wound and burn management.

Visit the Reuters website for a full press release article.


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