Active Manuka Honey Helps Wounds Heal

Human skin is the barrier to the outside world protecting the internal organs of the body from infection, radiation and extreme temperatures. Wounds are the damage to the body primarily to the skin which when not taken proper care of will lead to serious damage to the underlying bones and muscles.

Many people are scared to get medical treatment for wounds as they are put off by the pain and the irritation that it may cause. For such people, it would be very helpful to know about the natural healing properties of Manuka honey for wound treatment. It is a mono floral honey that is produced by bees which gather the nectar from the flowers that grows in manuka bush which is natural to New Zealand. This honey is unique because it has lots of clinical evidence behind it showing it's powerful wound healing properties.

Using normal kitchen honey (or even manuka honey in jars) on wounds is advised against because of the (small) risk of infections. All non-sterilized honey may contain certain bacteria which may interfere with wound healing. Therefore sterilized, FDA approved manuka honey dressings have been brought to the consumer market. These are branded as Medihoney dressings. Click the link to learn more about these class 1 medical devices.