Manuka Honey Health Benefits

Do you know about the extraordinary health benefits of Manuka honey? My gut feeling says many people don't know about this very special product.

Manuka honey taken out of the assortment
A few weeks ago me and a friend were in a shop which has multiple stores all over our country (the Netherlands) when we saw UMF 10+ Manuka honey from the Medibee brand on the shelves. The shop owner told us that the two jars we bought were the last ones because the firm has taken them out of the assortment! There was not enough demand for this product was the answer of the lady of the store to our astounded reaction.

That's why I think the big public has yet to discover this great natural product with very effective medicinal properties.

Manuka honey has been effective where antibiotics failed and is even known to cure the superbug MRSA! Due to unhealthy side effects, antibiotics can only be used for a short time but active Manuka honey can be used for long term treatment. It can be used safely and without side effects. It sterilizes open wounds, speeds up the healing process creating less scar tissue, has anti-inflammatory effects and an antibacterial level 4 times greater than standard antiseptics.

A summary of Manuka honey's proven health benefits, Manuka is known to treat:

* wounds
* ulcers
* stomach ulcers
* burns
* sore throat
* cracked lips
* rashes
* herpes
* cold and flu symptoms
* eye and throat infections
* ringworm
* relieves eczema and skin irritations
* kills antibiotic resistant infections
* destroys the stomach ulcer bacteria helicobacter pylori

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