Manuka Honey for Wound Care

People from all over the world have reported amazing results from the continual use of active Manuka honey with many calling it a wonder treatment that restores health and combats various medical disorders. Manuka honey is basically used for 2 main reasons: gastro intestinal such as acid reflux, heartburn as well as for external wound care for burns, wounds, ulcers, sores and surgical scars.

Wounds treated with active Manuka honey heal where other treatments fail
This unique natural product is now being offered as a viable alternative to over-prescribed antibiotics and other conventional forms of medicine. It's catching on very rapidly in conventional medicine. Medical practitioners are using it widely because it's working where antibiotics are no longer working and it's making wounds heal that aren't healing even when you clear the infection off and the wound isn't healing. About 50% of the bacteria are becoming so widely resistant against antibiotics but with Manuka honey there is no resistance at all.

The world renowned Dr. Molan from the Waikato University Honey Research Unit New Zealand:

"We haven't found any species of micro organism that isn't killed by Manuka honey"

"Because of its very broad range of activity you don't need to identify what species of bacterium is causing the infection because Manuka honey will always work."

"I think hospitals ought to be using Manuka honey to prevent infections like MRSA. So if anybody has surgery they should have Manuka honey wound dressings put on the wound and then they won't get infected in the first place with those bacteria."

Because honey is a natural product (and can contain e.g. remains of botulism) it is strongly recommended to use medical grade honey which is sterilized by gamma irradiation on serious wounds. The Comvita company, owner of the Medihoney brand, offers FDA approved sterile honey products for wound care.


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