Molan Gold Standard

The Molan Gold Standard is a new manuka honey trademark and rating system. The renowned researcher Dr. Molan, discoverer of the original manuka honey activity has put his name to this new standard that is created to guarantee consumers getting the genuine honey with healing properties.

The surging global demand for the proven health values of New Zealand manuka honey is creating a major ethical concern in the way it is being marketed to consumers,
says Professor Molan MBE, from the University of Waikato’s Honey Research Unit.

Manuka is getting more valued for its health benefits. This year parallel research by science teams in both the UK and Australia confirmed New Zealand’s manuka honey to be a powerful antibiotic against drug-resistant super-bugs.

However, care is needed in marketing to consumers, Prof Molan says.
“Not all manuka honeys have true medicinal bioactivity beyond the range that’s normal of all honeys, and the industry is exposed if it does not make the distinction clear for consumers,” he says. “Several manuka honeys called ‘active’ in combination with a number have little or none of the non-peroxide activity that is the key to its distinctive antibacterial qualities.”

The first brand selling manuka honey under the new trademark is Watson & Son .

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