Manuka Honey Ringworm Treatment

The commonly occurring skin condition ringworm (tineas) is a fungal infection characterized by red circles or oval shapes on the skin. In contrary to what some people think ringworm is not caused by a worm. The fungal lesions typically have the shape of ring, hence the name ringworm. Other fungal infections are nail fungus, jock itch and athlete's foot.

Superficial dermal infections such as ringworm are very difficult to treat. Antibiotics are used relatively successful at treating bacteria but are less useful in destroying fungi.

Is Manuka honey an effective ringworm treatment?

One study compared the effects of different types of honey on certain types of fungi (dermatophytes)generally causing skin conditions such as ringworm and athletes foot.

Conclusion of this study: It could be that Manuka honey may be more effective [...] Which type of honey is most effective, and the practical usefulness of honey as a topical antifungal salve, will only be known if comparative clinical trials are conducted.

So this particular study did not show the unique properties of Manuka honey to be responsible for treating ringworm. Although more studies have to be conducted to get a better sight for now normal honey seems to be an equally effective ringworm treatment.

How To Use Honey as a Ringworm Treatment?
The Waikato Honey Unit recommends, as a guideline, to apply 20 ml of honey (1 ounce, about 25g) on a 10 cm by 10 cm (4 inch by 4 inch) pad. When bigger pads are used the amount should be adjusted accordingly. Another (waterproof) occlusive dressing should be added to keep the honey in contact with the ringworm infection and from oozing through the pad. Attach the dressings with silk tape or bandages.

This way you will prevent the honey from dripping. Since honey is sticky this might look like a downside. Why not buy a non-sticky ringworm lotion with Manuka honey? Well many, if not most, of these products contain other, sometimes harmful, ingredients as well. These can result in skin irritations. The beauty of using Manuka honey only is that this natural product shows no side effects at all.


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