Manuka honey also effective in Acne Treatment

Active Manuka honey seems to be an effective natural remedy in acne treatment. It is known to fade red marks and improve the skin. Some chemical acne products seem to do more harm than good. They can really damage skin but the natural product known for its healing, moisturizing antibacterial properties does not have these side effects.

The experiences of people suffering from acne are promising. This particular example of someone applying Manuka honey topically on his whole face before going to sleep is such an example.

I am actually quite pleased with the results seen in just one day. My skin has stopped "oozing" and most of the bumps kinda resided overnight! Utterly surprising!

My red marks are noticeably getting better and there are only a few active spots around my forehead and cheeks. The swellings have drastically reduced in size and I think they should be flattened out by the end of this week. So far so good, extremely thrilled about it...
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The only downside is the stickiness of honey. Dedicated acne creams based on Manuka honey might be a better solution. But fact is Manuka honey can help getting rid of acne.


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