The first UK originated Manuka honey

Britain now produces its own Manuka honey. Until now Manuka honey came from New Zealand and there were no other countries producing this miracle nectar. Australia has its own related honey made from nectar gathered by bees from the Jelly bush. A close relative to the Manuka bush which only grows in New Zealand. Until now.

The Tregothnan estate in Cornwall (United Kindom) has produced its first own Manuka honey. Because of the use of innovative hyves designed to protect the honey bees from a mite that can devastate colonies the Manuka honey is even more expensive than the honey from New Zealand.

"The honey is expensive, but it is Britain's only Manuka honey. It has become a lifestyle product, a luxury. This year is the first time the plants produced nectar which gave us our first jars, around 100."

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