Manuka Honey Research

The last few decades a lot of research on the benefits of Manuka honey has been done. Pioneers and front runner is the Waikato University Honey Research Unit. This unit was established in 1995 but the research already started in the 1980's.

The world renowned professor Molan leads the Honey Research Unit and is accountable for many extremely useful discoveries. Did you for example know that some batches of Manuka honey are that potent that this honey can cure antibiotic resistant bacteria and even the so called superbug MRSA.

The focus of the lot of the studies has been (and is) on wounds, ulcers and infections. To be more precise on strains fungal species which for example cause athletes foot or ringworm, of streptococci that cause sore throats, and microbial and bacterial species that cause infections and other ailments.

But there's more, research on several ailments in cattle and farm animals and more has been done and still continues. Visit the Honey Research Unit for more info.


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