Medical Grade Honey for Wounds

Decades of research have shown to this honey to possess unique qualities that make it ideal for the management of chronic and acute wounds and burns. All kinds of ulcers such as diabetic foot ulcers but also stomach ulcers, insect and spider bites, minor cuts and burns, and infected wounds can be treated effectively. Several observational trials have pointed out this treatment to be more effective than any other treatment.

The crucial element for customers purchasing these Manuka honey based wound care products is to make sure it contains the right Manuka honey. This because not all Manuka honeys have these unique qualities.

Medihoney (from the Dermasciences company) brings medical grade (sterilized) Manuka honey products on the market. Medihoney wound dressings and gels were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2007. Because this company's products are developed in close collaboration with the experts in New Zealand these are the safe choice for customers.

Medihoney's wound dressings and gels work by promoting an optimal, moist and occlusive healing environment. The dressings easy to remove without disrupting the wound bed.

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