How Does Manuka Honey Work?

Many different studies have shown evidence for Manuka honey's curative power. As all honey's do, Manuka honey inhibits bacterial growth. Major difference is that (some batches of) Manuka are far more potent than other honeys.

Research has also shown the powerful anti microbial, anti bacterial and antibiotic properties of these batches of honey. Scientists suggest this stems from its high acidity, the osmotic effect (absorbing harmful fluids out of tissue), while at the same time creating a moist environment when applied to wounds.

The potent New Zealand honey has proven to be effective against the antibiotic resistant staph infection called MRSA. Research has also shown this natural product, or at least medical variants of it, to be able to cure wounds where other treatments failed. More precise, infections are prevented and or fought off and the healing process (granulation) is stimulated.

Furthermore, studies have shown it to cure gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and offer relief for acid reflux and stomach ulcers.


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